Rosenberg, Texas

Sheri Herbert has been in a creative field throughout her life, as an artist, professional photographer, visual merchandiser, faux finisher, muralist and now for the last 15 years as a teacher at her art studio in Rosenburg, TX.  She uses strong lights and shadows to create the mood of her paintings. Although she teaches a impressionistic style of painting her students work individually on various subjects and on occasion on class projects.


Contact her for details regarding commissioned work as she is happy to paint your vision.

All paintings are for sale. Pricing on request.



 THE PURPOSE OF ART is not to produce a product. The purpose of art is to produce thinking. The secret is not the mechanics or technical skill that create art - but the process of introspection and different levels of contemplation that generate it. Once you learn to embrace this process, your creative potential is limitless.

Artwork should be an active verb (a lens by which to view the world) not a passive noun (a painting that sits dormant in a room or on a wall). Creativity lies NOT in the done but in the doing. Art is active and incomplete. Always shifting, always becoming. Art is a sneak peak into the future of potential, of what could be. Not a past result of what has been already done. Art is a process not a product. It is the journey, not the destination.

Art is a human act. Art is Risky. Generous. Courageous. Provocative. Creative. You can be perfect, or you can make art. You can keep track of what you will get in return for your effort, or you can make art. You can enjoy the status quo, or you can make art.